Stick Duel: The War

Stick Duel: The War

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About Stick Duel: The War

Stick Duel: The War game. Shoot the other players by striking the enemy stickman with your weapon. The game is not over until you hit 0 players, then all the players become your friends and play against each other. The game features physics elements which change according to the collision between sticks: If two sticks are connected by a line, the closer they will collide the harder they will bounce off one another, giving out more force as they collide.

This is a dueling game of shooting and dodging. You are the stickman, you are fighting against another player, who is also playing as a stickman. Both players must try to shoot each other as much as they can without being hit themselves. The one who shoots the most sticks wins! You can play against an AI or with a human opponent. 

Stickman Team Up Shoot,stab,shoot again! Your team of fighting stick men will have to work as a team to eliminate the evil robot menace in this thrilling up with friends and other players around the world in this multiplayer action game.

How to play Stick Duel: The War

Using Mouse