Stickman Prison Warriors

Stickman Prison Warriors

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About Stickman Prison Warriors

 Stickman Prison Warriors  is a harsh place to be. You are locked up with other male inmates who want nothing more than to see you suffer. To make your stay even more miserable, you will have to fight off rival inmates if you want any chance of getting out alive. It is okay though, because you are not alone! Your best friend has also been sentenced to the slammer with you: Sticky! The two of you must stick together and escape from prison before anyone notices that something is amiss. Will you succeed? Or will Sticky become another statistic in the annals of prison history? Play Prison Warriors and find out! Here’s how it works: You play as Sticky or as one of the many different enemy prisoners divided into four unique classes such as Master Thief, Common Criminal, Violent Inmate, or Weak Inmate. You can switch between characters at any time by swapping their prisons so do not get too comfortable playing as one character because sooner rather than later they might end up back in isolation while the other remains free to roam around the outside world. There are several locations within the game such as an abandoned warehouse filled with traps and hidden secrets, a run-down old prison that constantly smells of urine and rotten food, a dilapidated mental asylum where unearthly noises echo through hallways at all hours of the night, and a decrepit old jail where constant riots among inmates have broken nearly every window in sight. 

Prison is not the place for a stickman. You have been caught by the police and locked up in prison. Escape from here before it’s too late! Find useful items, break locks, unlock doors and windows, climb ladders, squeeze through small spaces, run fast and jump to reach the other side of the prison walls. Are you ready to become a Prison Stickman? Stickman Prison Warriors is an arcade game with adventure elements where you play as a stickman trying to escape from prison. The goal in each level is to find useful items, break locks and unlock doors and windows so that you can eventually escape from that specific prison. Escape before the time runs out or else you will be sent back indefinitely until you succeed again! There are different types of prisons with varied security measures so be prepared for anything! It will be up to you how long can you stay inside Are you ready? 

 Stickman Prison Warriors  is hard. Stuck in a cell day after day, you’ll start to lose your sanity. Luckily, you have your trusty cellmate to keep you sane. Problem is, he’s taken up with the wrong crowd and now spends all his time plotting his breakout. In order to keep him happy and occupied, you need to think of some new activities for your cellmate to occupy his time with. Luckily, not everyone in prison is against keeping your cellmate happy. You just have to find them first! Search around the prison for any locks or chains that can be opened and try to puzzle them out so that they can be unlocked from the inside by someone who knows what they are doing. 

Stickman Gold is another pixel art action adventure where you play as a stickman trying to escape from prison. Make your way through 50 levels by climbing walls and jumping over prison cells. Unlock new characters, explore other prisoner blocks and find useful objects to help you on your way. Every level is unique and there are many hidden secrets that you can discover if you look hard enough.

It's time to escape from the prison and become a Stickman. You have many obstacles on your way but nothing can stop you from escaping. You will learn how to use prison tools, break locks and open doors in order to reach your goal. Use objects around the cell in order to craft weapons or create distractions for guards. Find ways out of your cell or hide from the guards using bedsheets and other items around the cell. Try to collect as many stars as possible on your journey so that you can unlock new levels with more goals. Good luck! -How To Play: This is an adventure game for one person at a time. 

How to play Stickman Prison Warriors

Using Mouse