Super Ninja Plumber

Super Ninja Plumber

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About Super Ninja Plumber

Super Ninja Plumber is an action-adventure game with a super cute retro style! You play a plumber who transforms into a Ninja to save the mushroom world. Beat the levels and defeat the stone boss to complete your mission! A game with a retro soundtrack that goes very well with the pixel art graphics. 

The online FRIV game Super Ninja Plumber is comparable to Super Mario Bros. Use the arrow keys to move the plumber character while searching for mushrooms that will grow, lives, and the tiny ninja that will turn you into a super ninja fighter equipped with weaponry to take out your foes. To finish the assignment, get through the levels and take out the stone boss. A game that perfectly complements the pixel art aesthetics with a nostalgic soundtrack.

How to play Super Ninja Plumber

Using Mouse