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About 2 Chaos Giant 2 Chaos Giant is a Multiplayer HTML5 game. Fight against other players and upgrade your Superhero to become the Ultimate Superhero! You can choose from 28 different Superhero characters, including Batman, Spiderman, Superman and many more! Use your wits to outsmart your opponent and survive as long as possible. Superheroio 2 is a sequel of the smash hit original Superheroio - the most popular HTML5 multiplayer battle game ever made! Like its predecessor, it's also heavily inspired by classic board games like Risk, Axis & Allies and so on. Unlike its predecessor though, this time it's much richer with more than 100 new Super-powers that you can unlock as you level up. It's also much more in-depth because each hero has its own unique set of powers which makes every playthrough very different from another. 

Superheroio is the second installment of Superheroio series. It’s a super fun and exciting multiplayer online battle game for mobile and tablets. In this game, you will be playing as one of the heroic characters like Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman You can build your own super hero team by recruiting other superheroes as your friends or by buying them from the shop. Superheroio 2 Chaos Giant is an amazing action game which is developed by Zwolle based Goliath Game Studio. This game can help you relieve stress and anxiety after a hard day work or study. If you are looking for an entertaining android game to play with your friends then this game is perfect for you. 2 Chaos Giant is a HTML5 multiplayer game in which you have to fight against the Chaos Giants. These giants are not like other creatures and they are also not friendly. They are very different from other animals as they don’t eat, don’t sleep and don’t breed. Instead, they devour everything in their way of survival and there is no one who can put them under control. In this game, the player has to take the role of a superhero and use various powers to defeat these giants. Superheroio 2 is an interesting match 3 fighting game where you need to build up special equipment-powered attacks using your matching skills to defeat chaos giant invaders. 2 Chaos Giant is a challenging HTML5 game with online and offline mode. In this game, you’ll play as a super hero who has to defeat opponents by throwing bombs on them. Your aim in this game would be to get as many points as possible and the higher score you’ll get the more chances you’ll have to upgrade your character and reach new levels. The game supports both single player mode and multiplayer games with several players at once. You can play the game with your friends or family members over multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets or PCs. This HTML5 games for PC has been developed by SUPER HEROIO 2 Chaos Giant, which is an online gaming portal dedicated in providing various fun games for kids so that they can enjoy their free time without getting

This is the second part of the strategy game Superheroio 2. In this part you will control a chaos giant and to destroy all enemies on the battlefield. You’ll face against different enemies like: chaos giant, chaos soldiers, robot warriors and much more. Take control of the chaotic giant and destroy everything that gets in your way! Use weapons and upgrade your character to defeat your enemies. The next level will be harder than the previous one so you’ll need more power to win it. 

How to play 2 Chaos Giant

Using Mouse