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The best games on the planet are back! Tetris, the iconic multistep puzzle game, is back in a new form: tetris. It’s now HTML5, so it runs anywhere and fresh HTML5 games are being born everyday. This means that you can now play all of your favorite Tetris games on your browser without needing to download anything. If you’ve ever been tired of waiting for tetrominos to fall from the sky or tired of buying tetrimines over and over again in mobile games, then this might be the game for you. is a 2D Multiplayer Online Puzzle game available on Google Play, with updates coming every week. It's the simplest version of Tetris, with modern multiplayer and mobile compatibility. Each player controls one block; everyone else controls lines. You must vertically stack three or more matching blocks to clear them from play. The game ends once all players have been eliminated or the board fills up completely. 

How to play

Using Mouse