Unblock Cube 3D

Unblock Cube 3D

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About Unblock Cube 3D

Unblock Cube 3D is a puzzle game where the player must move colored cubes to their designated spots on a grid. The game is available on mobile devices and is developed by Fun Free Fun.

The gameplay consists of moving the cubes in the correct order to unblock the path and reach the goal. The cubes can only move in a straight line and cannot be lifted or rotated. The player must use their problem-solving skills to determine the correct sequence of moves to reach the goal.

The game features over 300 levels with increasing difficulty as the player progresses. There are also different themes and backgrounds that can be unlocked by completing levels and achieving high scores.

The game also includes a hint system, which can be used to help the player solve particularly challenging puzzles. The hints are limited, so players must use them wisely.

Overall, Unblock Cube 3D is a fun and challenging puzzle game that requires strategy and critical thinking to complete. It is a great game for fans of block puzzle games like Tetris or Rubik's Cube.

How to play Unblock Cube 3D

Using Mouse