Utoo 2

Utoo 2

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About Utoo 2

Utoo 2 is an action-arcade game about a little jumping cube - Utoo! Your goal in each level is to get the little cube (Utoo) to the exit by jumping from platform to platform. Sounds simple, but it won’t be easy at all! You will have to avoid spikes and pits, as well as different kinds of enemies trying to catch you! This game is meant for people who love old school arcade games with cute graphics and simple mechanics. Jump and run through all levels of this exciting adventure and help Utoo find his way home! 

Game is a challenging platform game with retro graphics. You play as a little UFO who has to find its way back to home by jumping on different platforms and avoiding all sorts of traps – pits, deadly spikes, flying axes etc. To beat the game you have to collect enough coins to buy a teleporter that will take you to the final boss and let you win the game. As it’s a retro style arcade game UToo doesn’t have any instructions. 

Utoo 2 is a challenging, fast-paced, retro inspired, arcade game with a twist! Your objective is simple: Jump as high as you can while avoiding obstacles and hazardous terrains. Sounds easy? Prove it! This indie game features a low-resolution pixel art style and an infectious EDM soundtrack.

How to play Utoo 2

Using Mouse