Zombie Monster Truck

Zombie Monster Truck

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About Zombie Monster Truck

Are you ready to fight the undead? Don't worry, we all are. You see, every year, thousands of Americans lose their jobs and homes to pandemic disease. After getting hit by a disease in 2005 and a recession in 2008, our nation is experiencing an unprecedented wave of mortal fear. Enter Zombie Defense: Zombies Are Colliding With Our Buildings! Afoot Studios wants you to help protect the innocent from the undead by fighting off zombie hordes with your bare hands! This game is completely free, with no advertisements or in-app purchases. Use the arrows on your device to play levels as they come up; there's no need to search for hidden paths or secret entrances —just go with it. 

Zombies are all over the place right now, and that’s a good thing. They’re scary as heck and for some reason, we love them. If you can think of any other creeptastic fad that people are crazy about, let me know in the comments so I can write about it too! Whether you like zombie movies or not, there’s something very ‘80s about them. The creators of this game have made it with that nostalgia in mind and it shows. They’ve also managed to incorporate all the necessary features to keep you playing for hours on end. It’s not just a mindless fun action game either, because there are different levels to master and secrets to find along the way. 

Zombies are back! And this time they’re real. In Zombie Monster Truck, you’ll drive a monster truck through various obstacle courses filled with hungry zombies. There are eleven different zombie courses that will keep you driving and driving for hours. 

How to play Zombie Monster Truck

Using Mouse